Digital solutions make further standardization of work content and processes possible. As a management consultant, I work with your specialists to develop processes for operational excellence that are geared towards digital opportunities. All value-adding and supporting company processes are included – the sequence is determined by the respective contribution to the result.

Based on my extensive and very well-founded process knowledge and experience with numerous ERP systems, I design the future-oriented mapping of your work processes / workflows in the systems. This includes the definition of the service packages / deliverables, time schemes / control, the lean scheme and the relevant international standards (Lean / 6 Sigma, ISO, HSE / ESG, Sustainability). The company’s new process networking consists of a digital control model for the selected value-adding core processes and secondary / tertiary processes. My competence lies in the fully integrated content-related definition of solutions and their successful implementation. The increase in EBITS is achieved in a short time.
This includes your regular, higher-level planning processes, the operational procurement and logistics processes, the production / manufacturing processes, the R&D processes or project management. Future location strategies and the networking of your supply chains can also be viewed and reformulated or aligned.